Partial Dentures


Partial dentures replace some missing teeth in either or both of the upper or lower arch.

Implant Dentures


Implant retained dentures offer greater retention and stability to conventional dentures as the dentures click onto implants to remain in position.

Full Dentures


Full Dentures are artificial teeth which are designed for people without any teeth.

Repairs and Relines


We offer repairs and relines which allow our patients minimal time without their dentures.


A Wegner Denture Clinic has been constructing dentures and serving the Central coast for over 30 years.

​All procedures are undertaken by our qualified Dental Prosthetist currently registered with the Dental Board of Australia, and the Australian Dental Prosthetists Association.

Our aim at The Denture Clinic is to deliver comfort, confidence and a smile to all our patients, so give us a call on 43418888 to discuss your options.



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